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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beauty Review: Red Cherry Lashes in WSP and DW


Or rather a new Beauty Review. Okay so I love lashes! I think it makes any look so pretty.. Even though I've been using lashes for a long time, I am still NO EXPERT in applying them. I take my time. One time I did the extension thing at the salon and it didn't last long because I wasn't careful, it was too high maintenance. You got to sleep carefully, wash your face carefully, don't rub your eyes, shower carefully. It was tiring and also EXPENSIVE!! So no thanks, I'd stick to my fake lashes. At least I could change the length anytime.

Anyway, this post is perfect for the LASHES LOVER like me! I'm reviewing the RED CHERRY LASHES - One of my favorite brands of lashes!

$3.49 CAD
$3.17 USD
(based on the currency converter)
100% Human Hair

This is my favorite glue of all times - DollyWink Lash Glue. Lasts all day and unlike Duo, my lashes stay intact all day even when I sweat.

I really like #DW Because it can be used everyday and its not that noticeable. It doesn't scream "Hey I'm wearing fake lashes, look at me!" It actually looks so natural!

Caring for these eyelashes are simple. You just have to clean them with your eye make up remover and store them somewhere. Don't be like me, sometimes I misplace the other pair :(

$3.49 CAD
$3.17 USD 
(based on the currency converter)
100% Human Hair

Now these lashes scream, "I look fab, let's party!" They're long and really bat-eye-licious! (i just made a word! hahahah)

Here I'm with the famous Disney Star - Anna Maria Perez De Tagle of Hannah Montana and Camp Rock.

Anyway, back to the lashes, they're really nice and has thin band which makes it look so natural and my eyes doesn't get irritated on the sides. I hate thick bands, its so hard to position them on your eyes.

The website where I got the lashes:

They carry everything from hair stuff, body stuff, make up and different kinds of lashes. They offer FREE SHIPPING In CANADA! No Minimum! Score for CANADIAN folks!! Even though I'm from US, the shipping was actually fast! and I love the lashes that I got. I have more lashes to review!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!! Love you all! Hair update soon!!


  1. I need all the help I can get with lashes. I definitely need to try Red Cherry falsies and Dolly Wink adhesive! Thanks for sharing :) I love how natural the first pair looks but I also lovvve thick lashes like the 2nd pair! You and the Disney star look so pretty! I'm glad Canadians have nice beauty superstores online and I enjoy checking out new shops.

  2. I got here from Glaxia's blog.

    These lashes look so lovely on you! Some of them don't look as appealing in the box but on your eyes, they are gorgeous.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. The lashes look good!! i use DUP adhesive for mine and omg it helps me so much that it changes color when its ready cause i suck at applying lashes lol

  4. Lovely lashes! You look stunning wearing it!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. love the lashes.
    you are very cute ♥


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