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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hair Treatment Gone Wrong?

Hi everyone! I decided to blog again.. It probably will contain more personal stuff than review stuff.. :) I like to write and I actually have a journal that I write stuff in but I figured I love writing in my blog before so why not do it again...

anyway, last Wednesday, I went to this salon that my friend works at.. I originally wanted a Brazilian blow out. For those of you who don't know that, just google it.. :P the reason why I wanted one is because my hair has been dry lately.. Well it started during when I colored my hair reddish purple. I'm guessing it's because it's my first time using that hair product. I forgot the name of it but it looks fancy as it even has Shampoo/conditioner and it was packaged in a cute pouch. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. So anyway, after coloring my hair, I noticed the ends got dry but my hair is still pretty straight, and soft. I told my friend that my ends are bothering me but I really don't want to cut it. He said come to the salon and we'd do the Brazilian blow out to which I agreed. 

I arrived 10 minutes early at the salon, I was already pinteresting some hair stuff and also on instagram I am following this hairstylist named Guy Tang. I so wanted to get my hair done by him but he's not accepting new clients and even if he is, $550 for a starting price seemed steeped. I really can't justify it. As pretty as it looks, I can't spend that much money for coloring my hair. Anyway so I really wanted bayalage so I told my friend "hey do you know how to do bayalage?" And I showed him the picture and he said "don't underestimate my skills". So I figured ok he probably knows then. So I told him I wanted one. He gave me a good price along with the Brazilian Blowout. It was 2.5 hours max that he did my hair. After it was done, I didn't think that my hair looked like the picture that I showed him. But I still like the color so I was content. Not happy but content. The Brazilian blow out came out okay. He even gave me a trim. My ends looked straight. I went home satisfied. 

After I showered and combed my hair, I was excited for it to dry to see if my ends stayed the same.. But boy was I shocked to see my hair as dry and as brittle and looked like a straw! It was so ugly that it was breaking. The ends can be pulled and it would break! I started freaking out and texted the same picture to him to see what we should do about it. I was really devastated. He texted me right away and told me to blow dry it. He said it was normal since we bleached it. I had my hair bleached before but it was no way this dry and also I never seemed to notice that we bleached it as he only put foils around my hair. Anyway he was nice and apologetic and told me to come to the salon so he could do a japanese got oil treatment for free. The Brazilian blow out obviously did not work for me. It did more damage than good. I will never get one again ever!!

Since I had to work that day I said I can't and my next day off won't be until Tuesday. He told me to smile and not to worry as he would fix it for me. I couldn't smile with an ugly hair! I was on the verge of tears. I told him I'll come Tuesday. In the meantime I blow dried it and ironed it. See, the reason why I wanted Brazilian blow out -- so i can eliminate hot tools and here I am ended up more damage to my hair.

I started rummaging through my cabinet and found some Moroccan oil and I lathered it all over my hair. Well that didn't work. It actually looked a lot worse. The dryness was emphasized more. 

Saturday (right now)..
I just got out of the shower and what I did is I stopped using my shampoo (pic below -- moist, Diane shampoo) which has lauryl-sulfate in it. I read somewhere that if you have dry hair, to start using sulfate free shampoo.
I just bought some from amazon but it wouldn't be here until Tuesday so what I did is I took the samourai rose aromatic treatment (pic above-- this cost $25 in mitsuwa, I know so expensive!!) and mixed it with Moist Diane conditioner (cost $12.99 at mitsuwa and smells soooo good!) and also mixed it with l'oreal Paris hair mask (pic below. From Walmart. I forgot how much) and lathered it all over my hair. I covered it with plastic cap and left it for about 5 minutes. I should leave it longer next time it's just that I'm so sleepy (I came from a 16 hour shift) so I had to hurry.

My hair seems to look better compare to the first one. Too early to tell. I will update you guys in a week to see if there's improvement. But yes, my hair's a mess at the moment :( any advice?



  1. dang that sucks!! :( I have really dry, weak brittle hair as well so i know how you feel, try washing your hair with conditioner only for now at least (it's called co-washing), and maybe only shampooing at your roots if you have an oily scalp. try Tressemme platinum strength conditioner or any of their moisture/vitamin e line. Also when you deep condition, heat a little bit of your Moroccan oil then add to your deep conditioner apply to your hair from the tips to root, and put on a shower cap for no less than 45 minutes

    hope it helps :)

    1. i will try to not wash my hair everyday :) Thank you for the rec, i'll keep that in mind :D

  2. I don't wanna be rude, but you should have made some research beforehand! I didn't know what a brazilian blowout is so I checked, and the first page (wikipedia) told me that this method is banned almost everywhere outside of the US due to really high chemical concentrations. So yes please, don't try it again. I'm really sorry to hear your hair condition got worse, I looove my hair and I also freak out when something happens :( Unfortunately there is not much one can do about destroyed ends. You can try to make the appearance better with products but hair cannot get healthy once it is destroyed since hair is a dead product unfortunately ._____."" So I would recommend to cut your ends although you don't want to >__< Hope you find a solution, stay positive :)

    1. Oh I know.. I should have researched more..I actually thought about it for a long time.. a lot of people I know had a successful brazilian blow out.. I guess its not for everyone :( I haven't cut my hair yet..

  3. Yay, a new post! :) I lovve reading personal posts with lots of writing, so I'm looking forward to more ♥

    I remember seeing lots of Guy Tang pictures around Instagram. He does an amazing job, but I bet you can find someone who is just as talented & charges less!

    I heard of the Brazilian blowout a long time ago, but thought it was too expensive. I know that chemical straightening is very popular around the world because it removes the need to use heat on your hair as often. But I got tired of my hair being so damaged from it, so I just use the heat (even though it's a PAIN!! haha)

    I'm sorry your hair got damaged from it :( But you are smart to stop using sulfate shampoos!! Also, I love conditioner that has Stearyl Alcohol as a main ingredient (like the Herbal Essences and Tressemme ones) because it is so moisturizing. Honey + olive oil mixed with one of these conditioners...put a cap on your head over this mixture for an hour. Your hair will feel softer :) Then, gradually trim your damaged ends over a few months so the damage doesn't spread.

    I'm kind of obsessed with hair products, so just email me if you wanna talk hair! ♥

    1. Thanks.. I've been pretty obsessed now with all these treatments now for my hair. I am trying different stuff until i find the right one. lol!

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