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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beauty Review: Hopeful Kiss

Okay so this is not a product that I'm reviewing. It is actually a shop:

Recently, my blogger friend Galaxia from http://hopefulkiss.blogspot.com or http://hopefulkiss.com started a shop called Hopeful Kiss. It's basically a shop where you can buy sample lipstick of any lipstick you wish to try before buying the full size product. I thought this is clever especially if you're like me who wants to try almost all the shades in the world in different brands. It can get very expensive and during my make up hoarding years, I only finished 1 or 2 tubes of lipstick. (Been hoarding make up for about 6 years now). So when she offered me to try some sample lipstick, I immediately agreed! 

Thanks Galaxia for the freebies! An anklet, a full size lipstick, and a cute headband! also the sample lipstick that I got are:

• Revlon kissable pink
• OCC lip tar Psycho

This is the Revlon "Kissable Pink". It's a nice baby soft pink and compliments my skin tone well. You see I don't usually wear this kind of pink as it feels like it washes my skin tone off but this one seems like it's a good kind of pink.

Here is under natural lighting.  It's really a cute pink. Something I would never think I'd buy but trying the sample, I think I might buy the full size.

She gave me a generous amount of sample. In her shop, the prices vary as the lipsticks have different prices. Of course, the more high end a product is, the more expensive the sample.

OCC Lip Tar in "Psycho".. When I first saw this, I was like "oh no an orange lipstick? I don't think id like this.." But when I tried it on, boy oh boy, I want to buy the full size right away!! It's such a nice shade of orange and it compliments whatever eye make up you're wearing!

Here is under natural lighting. It's buildable. I only applied it very thinly.

Hope you are as thrilled as me for this new shop. Visit the shop at:





and let me know what you're planning to try!! :)



  1. Wow!! These look so great on you!! Awesum shades!! :)
    The Sweet Life

  2. Ahhhh!! You look so beautiful in both lipsticks!! Thank you so much for this post about my shop :) I love it ♥ And you're welcome for the freebies!


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